“Drawing the Female Figure” by Hikaru Hayashi is a comprehensive guide designed for both novice and experienced manga, hentai, and comic book artists. The book aims to teach the intricacies of drawing female characters with an emphasis on sensuality and sex appeal, a niche often avoided by other figure drawing books.

5/5 stars

About Hikaru Hayashi

Born in Tokyo in 1961, Hikaru Hayashi began his career as a manga artist after graduating from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Following his time as an assistant, he made his professional debut with the manga “Story of Aja Kong.” In 1997, he founded the manga and design agency “Go office.” Since then, Hayashi has created over 250 manuals on drawing manga, many of which have achieved international success.

“As an aspiring hentai artist, Hikaru Hayashi’s ‘Drawing the Female Figure’ has been a game-changer. The detailed anatomical guides and focus on sensuality have significantly improved my work, making my characters more lifelike and captivating.”



Drawing the Female Figure by Hikaru Hayashi stands out for its bold and comprehensive approach to sensuality in figure drawing, making it an indispensable resource for artists seeking to master the art of creating alluring and dynamic female characters.

  1. Focus on sensuality:
    • Unlike many figure drawing books that shy away from anything remotely sensual, this book dives right into the subject. It aims to teach artists how to draw female characters with serious sex appeal, which can be particularly useful for genres like manga and hentai.
  2. Step-by-step instructions:
    • The book provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to draw various aspects of the female form. From skeletal structures to muscles and finally the skin, it covers everything in a structured manner. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making it accessible even for beginners.
  3. Annotated drawings:
    • Each drawing in the book is annotated, providing insights and tips on what to focus on and how to achieve the desired effects. These annotations help artists understand the nuances of drawing different body parts and poses.
  4. Detailed anatomy:
    • Hayashi’s book covers the anatomy of the female figure in great detail. It includes sections on bones, muscles, joints, and how they all work together to create realistic and appealing figures. This thorough approach ensures that artists can create lifelike and anatomically correct characters.
  5. Variety of poses:
    • The book includes a wide range of poses, from basic standing positions to more dynamic and challenging ones. This variety helps artists build their skills and adds versatility to their work.
  6. Focus on key features:
    • Special emphasis is placed on key features like the face, hair, breasts, and other defining characteristics of the female form. The book provides specific techniques for drawing these features to enhance the overall appeal of the character.
  7. Professional insights:
    • Hikaru Hayashi, a seasoned manga illustrator, shares his professional insights throughout the book. His experience and expertise lend credibility to the book, making it a reliable resource for aspiring artists.

Content overview

  • Introduction:
    • The introduction sets the tone for the book, explaining its focus and the importance of drawing with passion and interest. Hayashi emphasizes that drawing should be fun and that artists should follow their interests to improve their skills.
  • Chapter breakdown:
    • The book is divided into several chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of drawing the female figure.
      • Chapter 1: Understanding the skeleton, bones, and muscles.
      • Chapter 2: Using a simplified skeleton in drawings.
      • Chapter 3: Softness and sexual allure.
      • Chapter 4: Portraying bones and mastering movement.
      • Chapter 5: Drawing the face.
      • Extra: Character design.
  • Technical focus:
    • Each chapter delves deep into the technical aspects of drawing. For instance, the sections on drawing bones and joints provide a fundamental understanding of how to create realistic and proportionate characters. The chapters on softness and sexual allure highlight techniques to bring out the sensuality in characters, a key feature of this book.
  • Illustrations and examples:
    • The book is rich with illustrations and examples. Each concept is accompanied by visual aids that demonstrate the techniques discussed. This visual approach helps readers grasp the concepts more effectively.

Aspiring for hentai artists

When I first stumbled upon Hikaru Hayashi’s “Drawing the Female Figure,” I was skeptical yet curious. As an aspiring hentai artist, I had struggled to find resources that addressed the unique challenges of drawing sensual and provocative female figures. Many guides either avoided the subject entirely or offered superficial advice that barely scratched the surface. This book, however, promised to be different.

The beginning of my journey

I remember the day the book arrived. The cover alone, with its confident promise to tackle the sensuality head-on, intrigued me. As I flipped through the pages, I was immediately struck by the depth of the content. Hayashi’s approach was both technical and artistic, blending the precision of anatomy with the fluidity of movement and emotion.

The first chapter, which focused on understanding the skeleton, bones, and muscles, was a game-changer. I had always known that mastering anatomy was crucial, but Hayashi’s detailed breakdown made it less intimidating. The annotated drawings helped me visualize how each part of the body connected and moved. I spent hours practicing the exercises, sketching skeletons and gradually adding muscles. This foundation was vital for my progress.

Bringing characters to life

One particular project comes to mind when I think about how transformative this book has been. I was working on a series of hentai illustrations featuring a voluptuous heroine in various dynamic poses. Previously, my characters often looked stiff and unnatural, lacking the fluidity and allure I aimed for.

Using Hayashi’s step-by-step instructions, I started by drawing simplified skeletons to get the proportions and poses right. The sections on joints and movement were particularly useful here. I remember struggling with a pose where the character was arched backward, a challenging perspective that required a solid understanding of how the spine and limbs interacted.

Following the book’s guidance, I mapped out the skeleton first, paying close attention to the curvature of the spine and the placement of the hips and shoulders. Then, I gradually added muscles, referencing the detailed explanations in the book. The result was a dynamic, natural pose that captured the sensuality I was aiming for.

Emphasizing sensuality

Another aspect of the book that stood out was its focus on key features like the face, hair, and breasts. These elements are crucial in hentai art, where expression and physical traits significantly impact the overall appeal.

I used the techniques from the chapter on drawing breasts to add realistic softness and movement to my characters. The book’s advice on portraying different types of breasts and understanding how they respond to various poses and gravity was incredibly helpful. It allowed me to add a layer of realism that made my illustrations more engaging and lifelike.

Similarly, the chapters on drawing faces and hair helped me create more expressive and attractive characters. By following Hayashi’s tips on facial proportions and hairstyles, I could convey a range of emotions and personalities, adding depth to my characters.

Continuous improvement

“Drawing the Female Figure” has become a staple in my reference library. Each time I revisit it, I discover new insights and techniques that push my art to the next level. The book not only improved my technical skills but also inspired me to embrace my unique style and interests.

For anyone serious about hentai art, or any form of character drawing that emphasizes sensuality, this book is an invaluable resource. It taught me that drawing isn’t just about getting the proportions right but also about conveying movement, emotion, and allure. Thanks to Hikaru Hayashi, I found the guidance and inspiration I needed to elevate my art and express my vision more confidently.



1. What makes “Drawing the Female Figure” different from other figure drawing books?

  • “Drawing the Female Figure” by Hikaru Hayashi is unique because it explicitly focuses on drawing female characters with sensuality and sex appeal, which is often avoided in other figure drawing books. The book provides detailed instructions and annotated drawings to help artists master these aspects.

2. Is this book suitable for beginners?

  • Yes, the book is designed for both beginners and experienced artists. It starts with the basics of anatomy, including the skeleton and muscles, and gradually moves to more complex aspects like movement and sensual features. Beginners can follow the step-by-step instructions to build their skills from the ground up.

3. How detailed are the anatomical instructions?

  • The anatomical instructions are very detailed. The book covers the entire skeletal structure, muscle groups, and joints, explaining how they interact to create realistic and appealing figures. This thorough approach ensures that artists understand the fundamental principles of anatomy, which is crucial for any form of figure drawing.

4. Does the book include tips on drawing different poses?

  • Yes, the book includes a wide range of poses, from basic standing positions to more dynamic and challenging ones. Each pose is accompanied by detailed explanations and annotated drawings to help artists understand how to achieve the desired effect.

5. Can this book help me improve my hentai drawings?

  • Absolutely. “Drawing the Female Figure” bridges the gap between general figure drawing and the specific needs of hentai art. The focus on sensuality, realistic anatomy, and expressive features makes it an invaluable resource for hentai artists looking to enhance their work.

6. What are some key features that the book focuses on for hentai artists?

  • The book pays special attention to key features such as the face, hair, breasts, and overall body proportions. These elements are crucial in hentai art, where expression and physical traits play a significant role. The detailed guidance on these features helps artists create more engaging and lifelike characters.

7. How can I apply the techniques from this book to my hentai art?

  • The techniques from “Drawing the Female Figure” can be directly applied to hentai art by following these steps:
    • Understand the Basics: Start with the chapters on anatomy to build a solid foundation. Understanding the skeleton, muscles, and joints will help you create realistic figures.
    • Focus on Key Features: Use the sections on drawing faces, hair, and breasts to enhance the sensuality of your characters. Pay attention to the tips on proportions and movement to make your art more dynamic.
    • Practice Dynamic Poses: Incorporate the book’s instructions on various poses to add variety and interest to your hentai drawings. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find what works best for your style.
    • Emphasize Expression: Utilize the guidance on facial expressions and body language to convey emotion and personality in your characters. This will make your hentai art more engaging and relatable.

8. Is the book available in digital format?

  • No, “Drawing the Female Figure” is only available in paperback format.

9. Does the book include any online resources or additional materials?

  • The book itself is a comprehensive guide with detailed illustrations and instructions. However, it does not specifically mention any online resources or additional materials. It’s always a good idea to check the publisher’s website Koreropress for any updates or supplementary content.

10. Can this book help with other types of character drawing besides hentai?

  • Yes, the principles and techniques covered in “Drawing the Female Figure” are applicable to various forms of character drawing, not just hentai. The focus on anatomy, movement, and expression makes it a valuable resource for any artist looking to improve their ability to draw female figures.


“Drawing the Female Figure” by Hikaru Hayashi is a standout guide for artists looking to specialize in drawing female characters with a focus on sensuality. Its detailed instructions, professional insights, and comprehensive coverage of anatomy make it an invaluable resource. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or an experienced artist seeking to refine your technique, this book offers valuable lessons and inspiration.

Hayashi’s passion for drawing and his expertise in the field shine through in this guide, making it a reliable and engaging resource for anyone interested in the art of drawing female figures.

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Publisher Korero; first edition (25 Jan. 2022)
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